Berber Carpet

BerberA very popular carpet type, similar construction to level loop and multi-level loop carpets but typically using a thicker yarn which provides even greater durability. Loops can be made of natural wool or synthetic fibers like nylon or olefin.

Plush Carpet

PlushIdeal for more formal areas of a home, lightly twisted velvet/plush carpets have a level height and texture and provide a softer more plush feeling and elegant look.

Frieze Carpet

FriezeAnother cut pile type carpet, a frieze carpet is suitable for high traffic areas. Its short fibers point in non-uniform directions which help to disguise foot and vacuum tracks.

Cut & Loop Carpet

Cut and LoopThis carpet combines cut and looped yarns creating different surface textures. Look for a variety of patterns including sculptured effects and geometric designs. This type of carpet is popular because of its durability and unique look.